Month: March 2019

Showdown date: 7th June

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Cranfield University have asked if I would like to face a board of investors in June. After a weekend workshop, I think the ideas are starting to get together. There’s only so much I can do without crowd support, though, so please do take a moment to pop your email in on the Contact Us page.

I have also found what might be the motherboard I need to build the most important part of the kit. My engineer thinks it is a killer board… in that it is probably stronger design that we were expecting to build from scratch. I think that’s just great though! Only problem is… it seems to be a design only. I cannot seem to actually buy one.

This seems to be a recurring theme. There is research and theory out there which will get Personal Energy Harvesting into the mainstream, but nobody backing an idea that will be a catalyst for all the others.

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