Patent Filed!


Today I filed the first patent of, moving us all towards a world where we charge our phones whilst on the move. A world that makes sure rich and poor have the same access to personal power.

To make it work, we really need you all to sign up to the cause. It will be a while before I can give you a personal energy grid – but when I do, I’d love to be able to email you all to tell you first. In the interim, we’ll be honing the proposition, to make somethinhg truly life changing – to you, to the developing world and to restoring climate change.

Please sign up.

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4 Replies to “Patent Filed!”

    1. Oh- thanks! 🙂 First attempt really. Off for a three-day boot camp this afternoon to try and better hone the idea. I think it is all going to be about how much people are prepared to change habits. The less, the better.

    1. Thanks, Doc. The market need (not surprisingly) is much more acute in the developing world than in the west, so I need evidence that the west will buy into this, to get the money needed to realise the full opportunity. People signing up to the mailing list will help.

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